Internet privacy with a VPN for Windows

vpn for windows

The reality is that every day we use Internet , more and more information about our tastes , preferences, habits and needs is collected by different filters and monitoring sites such as Facebook and Google have been arranged for this purpose.

The collection of information about how users use the internet and that is what they want and want it a business has become extremely important , so much so that today a good advertising campaign focused on specific customers can cost many thousands of dollars .

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This business is definitely what mobilizes hundreds of sites and services available on the web . In most cases we never realize that this information is being collected , and in some cases even that happens without our consent.

A good way to earn a little more privacy when we are online , is to set a good VPN in Windows to prevent personal information may be being used without our approval.

It is true that most serious and important services sites have public privacy policies are available for users to read and in most cases have to accept your application.

It is also a fact that almost no one reads those long texts and we just shrug our shoulders and accept the terms provided . This act is what allows much of our information to be used in areas that have nothing to do with the role of the site you visited and the service we use.

When using a VPN to connect , we become anonymous , and even though we requested some form of registration and acceptance of the terms of use, much of the information that may be collected normally not be available or have no relation to our connection .

When we connect to the internet via trusted VPN service like , we are creating a secure and private connection where our most sensitive information can be transmitted without running the risks that are presented in a standard connection .

All data is encrypted and sent so that even if they are intercepted are indecipherable . Moreover, our web identity is hidden behind a VPN server which replaces our identity completely anonymous and otherwise unrelated to our connection. In this way we achieve greater privacy and security for our data.

Configure your VPN for Windows

Today there are many quality VPN services , and most offer automated connection software that greatly simplifies the task of configuring our connection.

This makes it very simple to ensure our access to the web, without any kind of doubt the peace of mind to have more privacy and security make this type of services are invaluable in these times.

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