Verdun Review :- Is it Really Worth to play ?

While most shooters nowadays tend to focus on the future or World War II, only a select few are showing the gruesomeness of the first World War. Verdun is a game that has been created with the primary focus of teaching us what happened at the battle of Verdun, and at the same time, it’s a great recreation of the way WWI battles took place.

In this game, everything is focused towards realism, with the uniforms, countries, weapons, and maps being historically accurate and providing you with a great sense of realism that you just cannot find in any other game. Designed with the Unity engine, the title offers a perfect set of realistic graphics, and the overall tone of the game is very dark, somewhat gritty in fact, but in the end, it’s supposed to be expected considering the premise.

What we like and dislike about Verdun?

Let’s start with the great stuff about the game! At its core, Verdun has a solid premise since it places you face to face with 31 other people from all over the world, so the multiplayer battles are very interesting and most of the time quite intense. The main idea of capturing and defending the trenches turns out to be the central premise for an all-out war that’s highly appealing at all times.

Another great thing to enjoy in Verdun is the ability to enroll yourself in a squad. This makes the whole game feel a lot more realistic, and this is great considering how intense the battles are. Each squad member has a specific job to do, and this gives you a great sense of purpose as you play.

Playing with the same people over and over will help you gather more experience in-game so that you can increase your level faster. As expected, the game does provide a proper focus on the cooperative gameplay, and the fact that it brings in front the gritty aspect of the WWI battles is a plus.

Not only that, but Verdun manages to include some high weapons that we just didn’t have the opportunity to use up until now.

However, there are a few downsides. While the game is still in early access and many features will come for sure, as it sits the game feels quite essential when it comes to the game modes. Not only that, but the title is unplayable many times since it crashes quite a lot and with no means to fix it, something that leads to frustration when you play.

Is it worth getting?

Despite the downsides and a few flaws here and there, the central premise of the game is quite stable and the title is under active development since it receives updates over and over, which is nice. Overall, we find Verdun to be a good investment if you particularly like the WWI era and want to play it instead of games with the action set in WWII. Of course, it’s not that polished right now, and there are bugs, but when it does work, the experience is unrivaled by any other shooters. The price might be a little too high for the early access though.


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